Feb 01, 2016
Collection 5 Line Up
Haus of JR Collection 5 will be available online at 11AM PST February 5, 2016 
CHROMER Tee available at $28.00

PRESTON E-Long Tee available at $30.00

[Black, White]


NICK Tee available at $32.00



DAN Tee available at $30.00

[Blue, Moss]


PRESTON 3 Tee available at $34.00

[Cold Heather, Pepper]


HARPER Tee available $38.00

[Charcoal, Moss]


MADDOX Paisley available at $60.00

[Navy, Red]


BEAUMONT Baseball Jersey available at $56.00



ANDREW Tactical Vest available at $54.00

[Olive, Black]


JORDYN S/S Side Zip Hoodie available at $54.00

[Green, Shadow Brown]


IAN Anorak available at $72.00



TED 2 Jacket and Jogger starting at $66.00



NOAH Hoodie and Sweatpant starting at $46.00

[Navy, Grey]


NEIL Hoodie and Sweatpant starting at $46.00

[Navy, Maroon]


MILES Spring Hoodie and Sweatpant starting at $48.00

[Shadow Brown, Cameo Pink, Green]



JOEY Mesh Hoodie and Jogger starting at $48.00

[Black, White]



DEVIN Camo Bomber and Jogger starting at $48.00




JAXON Jogger available at $48.00

[Grey, Creme]



DEREK Denim Overalls available at $78.00




JOHNNY Cargo Pant available at $72.00




CONNORS Cargo Pant available at $68.00




CLAYTON Biker Denim available at $68.00

[Bleach Blue]


CLAYTON Biker Denim available at $72.00

[Black Wax]


RYDER Distressed Denim available at $64.00

[Light Indigo]